Daniel Mantei

Active Dynamic Stretch

Daniel Mantei is a ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher as well as a flexibility strength trainer. He loves to move and create through dance, and he believes in the healing power of movement. Having experienced injuries and imbalances over his 15 years at American Ballet Theatre, he found himself on a healing journey.

 When he was first introduced to eccentric training, he was amazed at how quickly he felt better, gained flexibility and strength, and began to move in new ways. Daniel is an ACE certified personal trainer and has taught group stretch classes at GIbney Dance, Fluid Fitness, Kinespirit, Maha Rose, The Friendship and Minka Brooklyn. He also works one-on-one in Zoom sessions and in-person assisted-stretch sessions.

About Active Dynamic Stretch:
Active Dynamic Stretch is a movement based stretch class that combines stretching with strength training. By focusing on eccentric muscular contractions we can positively change our tissue and overall strength, movement and flexibility while reducing tension and scar tissue. We will stretch using: a chair, a yoga mat, a yoga blanket (or other cushioning for our knees in kneeling stretches) and two yoga blocks ( or some books could work too). Looking forward to stretching with you! – Daniel

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