Jennifer Buonamia

Cardio Ballet, Beginner Ballet Series

Jennifer is a Georgia Peach
I am from a little town near Atlanta. I moved up to NYC for an adventure in pursuing dancing and teaching in this concrete jungle.

She’s a teacher, professional ballerina, and a painter!
In addition to The Ballet Spot, I also teach kids and dance with The Kennedy Dancers Repertory Company out of Jersey City. Expressing my artistry through painting is also something I enjoy. Many of my friends have my art on their walls!

Jennifer LOVES the challenge of ballet
I love that I will never be perfect. There is always a goal to strive for, always room to push further, turn more and jump higher. As a dancer, I am encouraged to test the limits of humanity and supersede into the ethereal, the beyond, to create for our audience an experience rather than a show.

Her tips for newcomers:
Be confident! You CAN dance, no matter what you’ve been told by the world. Smile! It makes the hard stuff easier. We are in this together.

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