Liz Hepp

Ballet Breathe & Flow, Stretch

As a professional dancer, Liz loves ballet
I return to ballet again and again because it makes me feel centered in my body and provides a strong technical foundation for the professional work I’m a part of. I also love the classical music!

She has danced her entire life!
When I was a little kid I would spend hours and hours dancing in the living room to my Dad’s “oldies” CD collection, making up my own dances and putting on shows. I then trained intensively for many years in classical ballet and moved into modern and contemporary dance in college.

How she discovered The Ballet Spot
Eliza and I went to college together! I was excited to hear about what she was doing with The Ballet Spot and wanted to be a part of it. I love being able to share the art form with people who may not be as familiar with it or have always wanted to try it.

Liz’s Class
My class focuses on using breath as an impetus for movement to find ease, mobility, and strength. I also like to play with musicality and patterns in the combinations to keep things exciting.

Words of advice for first timers
Have fun! And try not to take it too seriously. Ballet is an amazing way to self express and get a great workout.

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