Quincie Hydock

Ballet Sculpt Express

Quincie has danced since she was literally a BABY.
I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. My family saw The Nutcracker when I was 2 years old, and according to my Dad I was completely engaged while propped up on his lap the entire time. They put my into dance shortly after (I wasn’t even potty trained yet!).

Quincie’s favorite performance experience was one she shared with Eliza!
I joke that the best “dance job” I ever had was dancing The Nutcracker in Warwick, NY. We were on tour, paid appropriately, had a physical therapist, the costumes were stunning, and—most importantly —Eliza was there too!

Her class seamlessly melds dance and fitness.
I began teaching fitness shortly after I moved to NYC at a Tribeca-based studio named Bari Studio. The modalities I was trained in and taught were dance cardio, bounce, and sculpt. Each class was really driven by the music and consisted of choreographing phrases that burnt out each muscle group. I still teach with these ideas at the forefront of my method—The speed and energy of each movement is informed by the tempo and vibe of a song, and we use our brains as much as our bodies in the quick learning and “performance” of every fitness combo. We use props such as light weights and small towels, and cover a wide range of exercises from lunges to crunches to planks.

Quincie’s goals are unique and admirable!
My most immediate goal includes finishing my pre- and post- natal fitness certification and to focus more fully on teaching the pregnant demographic about this time next year. In general, I am looking to expand my artistic collaborations to involve more variety across disciplines, professions, and skill level.

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