Stars of Ballet Series

Shelby Williams in a leotard with leg extended to the left, leaning to the right, on pointe on a bent knee. Photo is black and white
Shelby Williams aka "Biscuit Ballerina"

What's Upcoming?

Masterclass with Shelby Williams
Soloist Dancer
Creator of viral comedy character "Biscuit Ballerina"

Sunday, May 22
2pm ET / 11am Pt
Live Stream on Zoom

Shelby’s mission is bring humor to the seriousness of ballet and address mental health in the dance world. Her class offers amusing and inspiring perspectives for dancers on the pursuit for perfection.

Fun virtual classes taught by Renowned Leaders in Dance!

Learn from Soloist & Principal dancers from the comfort of your home.

$28 or 2 Credits from Your 5 or 10 Class Package

No prior dance experience is needed.
You will need a ballet barre or something to hold onto for balance.

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