Move of the Week – Ballet Hands Taught by Founder and Owner Eliza

As a ballet teacher, the question I always get is, “what do I do with my hands?” Well, it’s not as easy as it looks! Check out this quick exercise for graceful and articulate ballerina fingers, taught by The Ballet Spot’s founder and owner Eliza. Sometimes it’s the things that appear to be the easiest that are the most challenging 🙂

As ballet student, we are trained in how to hold our hands from the very beginning, but in reality, we continue to refine the details throughout our career! There are several interpretations on how to hold your hands, which vary depending on the ballet style – neoclassical is rounder, Vaganova trained dancers’ hands are longer and flatter, and more contemporary styles tend to be more pronounced.

However, in general, your thumb should be closes to the middle of your middle finger and the rest of your fingers should be gently separated. It’s important to practice articulation of this position, so your fingers move with your arms, as opposed to being frozen in space.

Practice these exercises a few times a week to feel so much more graceful at your next ballet class!


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