Catherine Gurr standing in susous in a window with light shining through. She's in a green leotard

Catherine Gurr

Basic Ballet & Cardio Ballet

Catherine trained in the US and the UK!

I am from Philadelphia, PA, and began dancing at 3 years old! One of my earliest ballet memories is watching the video of NYCB’s Nutcracker, and it was performing children’s roles in Philadelphia Ballet’s Nutcracker a few years later that made me decide I wanted to dance professionally. I was lucky to be able to complete most of my training in my hometown of Philadelphia, first at the Rock School, then at Barbara Sandonato School of Ballet and School of Philadelphia Ballet (formerly PA Ballet). I then moved to the UK to complete my training at Elmhurst Ballet School in Association with Birmingham Royal Ballet.

She has performed in major cities in Europe and the US.

I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences and people that my training and career have brought me! Some highlights: spending the summer in Copenhagen at Royal Danish Ballet Summer School, performing at the Kennedy Center while a trainee with Ballet West, and getting to know so many other artists in New York City!

Catherine believes as a teacher she learns as much from her students as they do from her.

I have always had great respect for teaching since it is how ballet knowledge is passed through the generations, and is a way of honoring those who taught us. Also, I aim to create a positive atmosphere where students can learn and improve while having fun! I believe that as a teacher, I am constantly learning from my students.

She also has a degree in comparative literature!

I would love to continue to dance as long as I am able, and continue to find excitement and new audiences for our art form. I would potentially love to return to Europe to dance one day. I also have a degree in comparative literature, and would perhaps be interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Italian one day.

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