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*No prior dance experience is needed for any of our classes*


Cardio Ballet

Our signature Cardio Ballet is a revamp of traditional dance fitness: Unlike most dance fitness, this class is rooted in ballet. The instructor will dance with you and guide you step-by-step through a full-body warm up, progressing to choreography inspired by real ballets. You’ll dance to inspiring instrumental renditions of pop, rock and Broadway as well as the music from the ballet itself! Led by the music and instructor, you will feel uplifted to keep moving, learning, and definitely sweating!

*Some of our recent themes have included Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, and West Side Story!*

Total Body Barre

Total Body Barre is a low-impact, HIGH energy, fast-paced barre class inspired by the fundamentals of dance and designed to strengthen and tone your muscles. You will get an awesome cardio and full-body workout, feeling the burn all over your body! You will need something to hold onto for balance, light weights or water bottles, and a mat..

Basic Ballet
This class is intended for those completely new to ballet or for those with experience looking to break down the fundamentals of ballet technique. Your instructor will guide you through basic ballet barre technique as well as simple dance exercises that you can learn from home. There will be plenty of time for questions and personal feedback from your knowledgeable and experienced instructor.

Ballet Strength & Stretch

Our mat-based Strength and Stretch class combines a toning workout, which uses body resistance and gravity to strengthen your abs, legs, arms, and back, with relaxing stretches to release your muscles. Our unique ballet dancer-developed workout lengthens, strengthens, and invigorates your muscles.

Fascia Stretch

Fascia Stretch is a movement based stretch class that combines stretching with strength training. By focusing on eccentric muscular contractions we can positively change our tissue and overall strength, movement and flexibility while reducing tension and scar tissue. We will stretch using: a chair, a yoga mat, a yoga blanket (or other cushioning for our knees in kneeling stretches) and two yoga blocks ( or some books could work too).

Stretch + Slow Barre

Stretch + Slow Barre is a 55 minute class starting with dynamic stretches that are restorative and strengthening and that  positively affect our fascia.  Fascia is the body’s 3D web of connective tissue.  It is the body’s largest system as it touches all other systems.   Class continues on to a slow, intentional, yummy ballet barre, focusing on creating connection, length and space throughout the body.  Beginners welcome!

Pilates Mat

Pilates is a mat-based, low-impact conditioning class, which uses dynamic exercises and body resistance to lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Class will be taught by a professional dancer and certified Pilates instructor.

Dance Sculpt

Dance Sculpt is a dance-inspired toning and cardio workout. This class uses ballet movements, light weights, and body resistance to build strength and endurance. This full-body workout will include a warm-up and a cool down. Light hand or wrist weights recommended, or anything equivalent (i.e. water bottles). Sneakers are recommended for this class.

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