Black & white photo of Haley mid-movement, hair down, long flowy dress

Haley Winegarden

Cardio Ballet & Barre

Haley has been dancing since before she can remember.

My family has moved around a lot growing up and we have lived in Alabama for the majority of my life! When I began dancing at age 2 we lived in a small town in Georgia. I do not remember exactly what got me into it because I was so young. I want to say that my mom told me that I actually wanted to take classes, but I have zero recollection of that memory haha!

She cherishes so much about her dance career.

There are honestly so many and by that I mean that I cherish many things about what my career offers me whether it be friendships, a wonderful creative process, an introduction to something I haven’t done before., etc. I think I can say that when I got accepted into The Juilliard School, it was a game changer. It was the first step to uncovering a lot of things about myself and my artistry that I did not know yet. One of those things is, I discovered during my past 3 years that I love creating. I began to develop a choreographic voice, and I am still developing and experimenting creatively with it. I have been able to experience wonderful opportunities as a choreographer as well, which has been such an incredible blessing.

Her teaching style is thorough and her classes merge passion and fun.

I have taught most of my college-years. I have experience teaching younger kids to high school and sometimes college age. I have been on faculty at my hometown’s summer intensive, and I have worked with dancers through choreographing. I have also taught drop-in classes back home in varying styles from ballet to contemporary to lyrical. It is a great joy to teach! My teaching style is something I am still learning and developing. As a current student, myself, I am always observing and taking in what is effective for me and why and I try to apply those things to how I teach. I would say my teaching style is fun, energetic, direct, and thorough. I really enjoy keeping the spirit of the room light and open! At the same time, I give combinations pretty directly, but also thoroughly. I truly value that those taking any class I teach understand the how not just the what of how we dance in ballet or any style. I talk about the energy of rotation, finding necessary muscles needed, and articulation of the feet, etc.

She graduates from Julliard in May and has big dreams!

Some of my personal goals include graduating from Juilliard (this May), dancing professionally for a contemporary ballet/ballet company that performs a wide variety and mixed repertoire. I am also interested in pursuing a career as a choreographer, and I would love to continue to be commissioned for different companies getting to work with dancers around the world to create work. I am also open to unexpected opportunities and paths along the way. My plan and goal is to go where God leads and guides me to go!

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