Robyn Jutsum

Cardio Ballet and Basic Ballet

Robyn has been a dancer for as long as she can remember
I grew up in Minneapolis, MN, attended Butler University in Indiana and the moved to NYC after college. I remember putting on countless performances at the dinner table, and my parents enrolled me in baby ballet classes. I can’t remember a time in my life where dance wasn’t an integral part of it! I am beyond lucky to have trained at Ballet Arts of Minnesota and Minnesota Dance Theater. Minneapolis is known for many great things, one being how it prioritizes the arts. As a result, I was exposed to a variety of styles and developed an appreciation for dance as a whole early on.

Her training and career have been filled with wonderful moments!
A highlight would be my summers away at intensives. My favorite experience to this day is my summer spent at Kaatsbaan up in Tivoli, NY. My time at Butler is another major highlight. The faculty, the rep, and my graduating class (including our very own Jennifer!) were HUGE in shaping my career and overall, who I am today. Since graduating, every opportunity has been so different from the last. My career has opened my eyes to the magnitude of the field and introduced me to a wonderful community of artists!

In Robyn’s class, you will focus on technique, but more importantly, HAVE FUN
Teaching is a great side gig for dancers, and even as the instructor, I am still 150% learning myself! I’ve taught ballet at studios both in Minnesota as well as in NYC. I currently teach ballet for All Star Studios in Forest Hills. I grew up in a studio environment that emphasized technique! technique! technique! So my classes are definitely technical, and I try to work through the class with as much clarity as possible. That being said, I never want us to get too caught up in being perfect when we can just move and most importantly, have fun!

Her dreams for the future go beyond dance
I am really interested in marketing and PR work in the world of dance. I’ve been able to gain on-the-job experience in the past few years working in NYC, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a communicator and advocate for dance and the arts. On a totally different note, I would, in a fantasy world, LOVE to own my own bakery. Maybe somewhere in Manhattan or maybe even out in Brooklyn, called The Buttered Tin.

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