Bridging to Target All 3 Glute Muscle Groups

Follow along with pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor Quincie, as she guides you through a series of bridging exercises to target all 3 glute muscle groups. These are great exercises to increase strength for dancing and maintain healthy knees and hips.

It’s important to remember, dancers work hard for their strong and toned legs! In addition to dancing, most dancers do exercises to prevent injury.

One of the most important muscle groups that dancers focus on are glutes. You may have heard of the “glutes” – well you have 3 gluteal muscles located on your behind. Strong glute muscles not only look better than weak ones, but strong glutes are SUPER important for injury prevention. Strong glutes are important for proper hip, knee, and lower spine function, and also propel your body forward and up when jumping or running.

For more similar exercises, join Quincie for Ballet Sculpt Express Saturdays at Noon ET / 9:00am PT on Zoom.


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