Move of the Week – Spotting for Pirouettes

Try this exercise to improve your spotting for pirouettes in ballet taught by The Ballet Spot’s founder and owner Eliza. Remember to practice on both sides! Spotting is tricky, so be patient and practice often.

Pirouettes are endlessly challenging, but one easy way to improve is to practice your spot! There are lots of elements that go into a proper ballet turn – proper preparation, strong position during the turn, controlled turnout, square hips, strong standing leg……. – but without a strong spot, none of it matters!

Spend some time refining your spot without worrying about the position – try slow, then get faster, try a single, try a double, and even a triple! Be patient with yourself and get used to the feeling of turning once or multiple times in a row.

Spotting prevents dizziness and is important for pirouette rhythm. When trying multiple turns keep the spotting rhythm completely even – the tendency is to slow down after the first spot, but you need a fast second (or third) spot to keep your momentum.

Once your spot feels stronger, try adding in a passé position.

Remember to practice both sides!

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