Month: July 2021

Move of the Week – Proper placement for ballet, the basics

Here’s a basic exercise that dancers of any level can do at home to practice placement for ballet taught by our Beginner Ballet and Cardio Ballet instructor and pro dancer Jennifer.Start with one hand on the barre, standing tall, find your natural rotation into first position. As you plié and relevé keep your pelvis in neutral and your shoulders right over your hips.As instructors, we typically see shoulders forward and hips back in plié and then students often throw their s […]

Tight hips? Try this quick stretch to loosen them up!

Tight hips are super common. Tightness is caused by muscle imbalances from things like sitting at a desk, driving for a long time, or a workout. It’s important to keep your hips stretched out to relieve lower back pain and pressure on your knees.Follow along with professional dancer and Ballet Spot instructor Ali in the video below to learn a quick and easy way to loosen your hips. Try this stretching routine during a break at work or before or after a workout. Hopefully this will help you to fe […]

Exercises for Strong Ankles and Calves

Ballerinas need SUPER strong ankles (and everyone knows dancer calves are amazing!) so here are some quick exercises that you can do at home to improve your ankle and calf strength taught by pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor, Emma.Whether you do ballet or just want dancer calves, these exercises are a great way to sculpt your lower leg and reduce the risk of injury. If you are a dancer – and especially if you dance on pointe – definitely make these exercises part of your daily routine to imp […]

George Balanchine’s “Stars & Stripes” – A brief history of the ballet

New York City Ballet in “Stars & Stripes” Written by Robyn JutsumWhat better way to celebrate July than with some tried and true red, white, and blue courtesy of George Balanchine? July’s theme is Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes with the music of John Philip Sousa, orchestrated by Hershy Kay. Stars and Stripes premiered on January 17th, 1958 at the City Center of Music and Drama (New York City Center) in Manhattan. The original cast included Allegra Kent, Diana Adams, Melissa Ha […]

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