Month: April 2021

What is Contemporary Ballet?

Written by Robyn JutsumAs we make our way into May, we are thrilled to introduce new events and features here at The Ballet Spot. One of our many exciting announcements this Spring is the start of our Stars of Ballet Series which kicked off in April with a Le Corsaire-inspired class led by ABT Soloist, Luciana Paris. Over the next few weeks, Larissa Gerszke of Complexions Contemporary Ballet and Adji Cissoko of Lines Ballet, and formerly of National Ballet of Canada, will each be tea […]

Move of the Week – Bridging to Strengthen Your Legs for Ballet

Bridging is a great exercise for leg strength, knee alignment, and core stability, which is especially helpful for jumps in ballet. Check out these tips for practicing bridging, taught by pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor Jennifer! Bridges can be done on their own, or as a warm-up for a ballet class.Join Jennifer for virtual Beginner Ballet on Mondays at 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT, as well as Cardio Ballet in Central Park and on Zoom Saturdays at 11:00am Et / 8:00am PT. […]

Move of the Week – Challenging Plank Series For Strong Abdoniminals

This week’s Move of the Week is a challenging plank series taught by pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor, Ali! In addition to challenging your abdominals, this series targets your back, arms, and legs. A strong core is super important for ballet and dancing, as well as for everyday life to prevent injury, and improve posture and bone and joint health.For more challenging and fun exercises, join Ali for Ballet Strength on Tuesdays at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT and Sundays at 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT a […]

“Le Corsaire” – A Brief History of the Ballet and the Controversy Around It

Boston Ballet in Ivan Liskas “Le Corsaire” “Le Corsaire” Virna Toppi, Alessandra Vassallo, and Maria Celeste Losa, Photo: Brescia-e Amisano, Teatro alla Scala 2018 Written by Robyn JutsumAs we enter the second half of April (already?!), we are immersing ourselves in this month’s theme, Le Corsaire (French translation of ‘the pirate’)! The music was composed by Adolphe Adam initially, a […]

Move of the Week – Exercises for Ankle Agility and Endurance

Follow along with Ballet Spot instructor and Radio City Rockette, Sam, as she guides you through 3 exercises for ankle agility and endurance, that you can do at home! These exercises will help your feet to feel stronger and more stable throughout an entire dance class.Join Sam for a virtual Rockette-Style Precision Dance Workshop on Friday 4/16 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on Zoom. No prior dance experience is needed. #wsite-video-container-429543085142111764{ […]

Move of the Week – Heel Raises and Balancing for Strong Ankles and Feet

Watch the 90 second video below to follow along with pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor, Liz, as she guides you through two brief and effective exercises for ankle and foot stability. These are great exercises to do daily – with some consistent practice, you’ll start to notice a solid foundation makes your entire body feel stronger!You will need a lacrosse ball or tennis ball and something to hold onto for balance.Join Liz for Ballet Breathe & Flow Saturdays at 2pm ET / 11am PT and Stretc […]

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