Month: February 2021

Move of the Week – Échappé – A Ballet Jump to Strengthen Your Legs!

Watch the 20-second video below to follow along with pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor Jennifer, as she guides you through the basics of an échappé, a fun and challenging ballet jump that is great for leg strength. Repeat several times in a row for a cardio and muscular endurance challenge!Echappé is a jump in ballet, where you open and close your legs. It’s an excellent basic ballet step to build leg strength and increase endurance. You don’t need any prior dance experi […]

Giselle – A Brief History on the Beautiful Romantic Ballet

Written by Robyn JutsumWhat better way to celebrate the month of love than with the Romantic storybook ballet, Giselle!Originally choreographed by Jules Perrot and Jean Coralli with music by Adolphe Adam, the version we are most familiar with today is actually based on a revival Marius Petipa created in St. Petersburg. It is also one of the first full-length ballets to be performed en pointe.The ballet is a two-act ballet taking place in a small village along the Rhine (Act I) followed by a grav […]

Move of the Week – Proper Foot Articulation for Ballet

Follow along with Total Body Barre instructor and Pro Dancer, Colby, as she guides you through a 30-second exercise for proper articulation of your foot and ankle in ballet! You’ll need a counter or a chair for balance. Remember to practice on both sides and then join Colby for Total Body Barre Express on Fridays at Noon to put your foot articulation to work 🙂 #wsite-video-container-470773583725406808{ background: url(// […]

Move of the Week – Demi Plié Proper Plié Placement for Knee Alignment and Joint Health

Watch the video below for a 30-second tutorial on how to properly execute a Demi Plié taught by Ballet Spot Instructor, Marketing Manager, and Pro Dancer Robyn! The Demi Plié is the foundation of everything in ballet, so learning how to do it correctly will help to improve your overall understanding of ballet technique, as well as keep your knees and ankles healthy and happy 🙂 #wsite-video-container-877721009239714228{ background: […]

Blacks in Ballet – A Brief History, Featuring Lauren Anderson, Eric Underwood, and Misty Copeland

Written by Tristan GrannumClassical Ballet is an art form with foundational roots in Europe. Due to this, many ballet companies have lacked diversity and often only hired white dancers. On average, American ballet companies have less than 10% of its dancers being non-white dancers. As the ballet world has gradually progressed, so has the demographics of ballet companies and their dancers. There are several reasons why many ballet companies have had a shortage of black dancers. One common misconc […]

New Post – Toe Hook Twister for Balance and Flexibility

Follow along with Strength & Stretch and Ballet for Toddlers instructor and pro dancer Ali, as she leads you through the Toe Hook Twister – an exercise for balance, stability and flexibility. She will offer modifications so everyone can benefit from this exercise, no matter your level! #wsite-video-container-233019676538341879{ background: url(//; […]

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