Month: June 2021

Tips for Better Balance in Ballet!

Wondering how ballerinas learn to balance on their toes? It’s all about practicing the fundamentals with correct placement and technique!Watch the quick video below for tips to balance better in ballet taught by professional dancer and Ballet Spot instructor Liz. Learn to access your strongest and best natural turnout and stand with your best posture to maintain your center when on relevé. Practice this daily, and practice in different ballet positions to feel more confident in ballet cla […]

Bridging to Target All 3 Glute Muscle Groups

Follow along with pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor Quincie, as she guides you through a series of bridging exercises to target all 3 glute muscle groups. These are great exercises to increase strength for dancing and maintain healthy knees and hips.It’s important to remember, dancers work hard for their strong and toned legs! In addition to dancing, most dancers do exercises to prevent injury.One of the most important muscle groups that dancers focus on are glutes. You may have heard of the […]

“Center Stage” – About this iconic movie and why we chose it for our classes in June!

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures Written by Robyn JutsumJune is here which means we are one step closer to Summer! As the weather warms up, life starts to open up, and we look ahead to sunnier days, we look forward to continuing to dance with all of you virtually, outdoors, and On Demand!This month, we are shaking things up! Instead of focusing on one specific ballet in our Cardio Ballet classes, June&rs […]

Move of the Week – Pilates Abdominal Series for a Strong Core!

Watch the video below to follow along with pro dancer and Ballet Spot instructor, Deepa, as she guides you through her Pilates Mat abdominal series. These exercises are great to do everyday to strengthen your core!Join Deepa for Pilates Mat Wednesdays at 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT on Zoom.You can also join Deepa for Cardio Ballet Wednesdays at 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT and Cardio Ballet Pop Hits Sundays at Noon ET / 9:00am PT on Zoom. #wsite-video-container-998 […]

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